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Setting Importances

The Visual Editor provides tools to dynamically set importances for the cells. The user can select individual cells with the mouse or a sequence of cells by dragging the mouse over a number of cells. The Visual Editor remembers the sequence in which the cells were selected which allows the user to set the importances as a function of a geometric scaling factor.

This figure shows a picture of a cask. The importances in the shield wall of the cask are being set to increase the particle biasing. The user has selected cells 8 to 2 by dragging the mouse from cell 8 to cell 2. This selects cells 8, 34, 33, 32, 31, 1, and 2. The user then clicks the mouse on cell 17 to select this cell. The user then selects biasing by a geometric factor and sets the factor to 2 with the initial importance set to 2. The Visual Editor then sets the importances for the selected cells so that they increase in a geometric fashion (i.e. 1, 2, 4, 8, etc.), with an importance of 1 being set for cell 7, an importance of 2 for cell 8, on up to an importance of 128 for cell 2 and then an importance of 256 for cell 17. The Visual Editor knows the sequence in which the cells are selected so it knows that cell 17 should be a factor of two greater than cell 2.